Thursday, April 07, 2005

Training 07-04-05

Done 5 miles this morning sort of jog/walking the 7 miles back from my parents offices having just gone to see a peugeot 106 in a "sahara metallic" (read yellow/goldy colour) which seems pretty good. On the way back managed to stop at every single sweet shop (3) enroute and get most of my hair shorn off as well, not bad for a mornings work.

On a streak of 22 training days in a row at the moment which is a new record for me. The previous was 14 but that included cross-training in it as well. The current programme which I'm staying on remarkably well at the moment is a Lydiard one and involves a lot of long jogs (meant to be at aerobic effort but I dawdle), but they aren't on average as long as when I did this mileage before as more is done in one "long run" over the weekend. With easier shorter runs on both sides. I think I'll continue the programme till the end of next week when it's 63 miles a week and then over the next month and a half or so edge it up to what should be the next week in order to allow me to consolidate. Speed-work should be re-begun later in the summer and hopefully allow me to have a peak somewhere in June/July (hopefully just after I've passed my driving test and so can drive to races :o)).

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