Sunday, April 24, 2005


Just seen the performances of probably my two main rivals in Hertfordshire in my scholastic year though they were both running somewhere in the Premier League and I was in the Thames at Woodford Green. Mark Stitchbury ran 4:23.bit for the 1500m today (I ran 4:23 today) I was well ahead of him in the last XC and the last but one he pipped me on the line. James Newman who beat me sizeably on all XC this season ran 9:25.7 for the 3000m today at the Premier, I ran 9:25.2 at the Open meeting a few weeks back. Looks like we're in store for some pretty close races this season!

(Main report for today beneath the photos)

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Nick Hooker said...

Bryn i just thought id let you know i had a fairly good race but had too much left at the end of the race.

i did 9.22.5 but that should be around 9:15 next race .

i also did the 4x400m but had a failry poor leg doing 56.5

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