Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 3

Apologies for the delay I will be updating daily (or near as) but will be doing it in the evening now discussing the past day just when I have time to blog!

So on the running side. I managed 4 minutes yes 4 WHOLE minutes. And I was actually definitely running rather than shuffling this time. No pain though I could feel the muscles tightening up a little bit. 

To be honest I spent about the next 10 minutes hopping about in happiness which has to be worth something as well?

I then managed to put a decent stint in on the exercise bike 70 minutes. Starting at the lowest level and gradually building up the resistance every 15 minutes with the last 10 minutes as a cool-down.
Im not sure how much it helps but I notice a big difference coming back from an injury when Ive been x-training every day compared to when I havent been. In particular with the exercise biking my legs generally feel really quite strong and I end up running hills a lot more strongly than I would before.
In terms of the build-up to Amsterdam I need to be running close to 80 miles per week within about 4 weeks. This shouldnt be impossible as once the irritation caused by the ligament is gone there should be no reason I cant run properly but its still a tough ask. Im also working on strengthening up my achilles and loosening up all my muscles. Its going to be a tough and hard campaign given the brevity (12 weeks) and Im going to need to be as strong as possible to avoid injury. 

Thats all for now hopefully a bit more running and a bit less biking tomorrow!


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