Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 4 - And that's all I've got the say about that.

Little bit more progress yesterday managed to get 9 minutes of running in which still sounds utterly pathetic but is a big deal for me at the moment. Unfortunately there was definitely some tightening up but the difference between the 30 second shuffle I was doing at the start of the week and what Im doing now is pretty huge. Im hoping I can have something vaguely like a normal run by Sunday.

I also managed to put in a good exercise bike session. 1:45 spending most of the time watching Forrest Gump. Hard work as for the first 75 minutes every 15 I put the resistance up a level with the final 15 minutes being very hard work before spending an extra 30 minutes just spinning relatively easily. 

The final bit was having just bought a foam roller I used that pretty heavily as well. Whilst work makes things tough it does mean you usually have a bit of spare cash in order to get yourself some kit. Unfortunately due to sitting down all day your hip flexors are utterly frozen!

The first time using it despite extensive work usingthe stick I could immediately feel some very sore areas in particular the lower section of my ITB/ outside of my quads was incredibly tight. I already knew this and had worked on it with the stick but never had much luck actually breaking the knots down. I could definitely feel some progress from the very start and hopefully some time on this each day will help ease up my muscles during the marathon training.

The other area its useful (aside from easing the muscles up) is that it is a great core workout constantly balancing on a single limb and rolling over it makes it pretty functional as well rather than just working a single muscle hard. Im not saying its going to be the absolute best core session ever but for someone as horrendous at core as me it certainly seems like a useful addition.

Finally big congrats to Aaron Scott on his selection to run for England. Hes made huge strides over the last couple of years and great to see it rewarded. Similarly Andy Norman who has recovered from some horrendous injury problems.
Right thats it for now got a cycle to do this evening and then hopefully a 15 minute run tomorrow! Hopefully pain free!


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Aaron Scott said...

Thanks mate, so what is this target for the marathon then? Did think about doing Amsterdam myself.

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