Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 7 - Then we really have to go

Progress of a sort I suppose. I ran 18 minutes today and whilst the glute/back felt itchy I wasnt in pain. It was a weird one as it definitely didnt feel as good as it did on Saturday when it was strong at the start  but it was the same for the whole run and felt much better at the end.

Anyway an 18 minute run, then I put in a hard 75 minutes on the exercise bike (progressive work-out, increasing the tension every 15 minutes, finished level 5 this time which is as far as Ive got so far) followed by 5 minutes running immediately after which was totally pain-free (and really quite pleasant albeit raining). 

As a whole a very good session.

Then headed out to the pub to catch up with the Chasers whod had some very decent runs at the Richmond 10k earlier and managed to win the men and womens county championships very impressed with both teams! Lucie also managed to win the individual Surrey Ladies.

Sadly we were less successful at the pub quiz. A second place finish was scant commiseration though winning the bonus round and a free drink made it a worthwhile evening from my perspective.
Having managed to remain teetotal I headed back and got an easy hour in on the exercise bike whilst watching Day of the Dead

As usual lots of work using The Grid (think Im finally starting to make progress on a horrible set of knots where my outside quad joins my knee) and stretching followed by watching this inspirational video of Tim Don training here. That Kenyan day just looks like plain hard work!

Think thats about it for today keep well everyone.


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