Sunday, November 18, 2012

Training W/C 12/11/2012

Stressful week saw a decreased volume but a couple of good sessions and my best long run in quite a while.

Monday: 60 very easy leading intermediate Chasers group.
Tuesday: wu, 8 x 1200 off 1:45, wd - good workout sharing reps with Dan and Joe who were doing ks. Average pace 3:57 / 1200
Wednesday: Rest -Work + Chasers AGM
Thursday: Rest - rest of life stuff
Friday: wu, 15 x minute hill (90), wd (AVG: 57.83)
Saturday: 60 incl. 2 laps tempo BP (10:56, 10:05) AVG 10:30 / 6mm
Sunday: 17 miles at 6:49mm (slow start, second half run mostly ~6:35 pace)

Glad this week is over! Very busy week with travel 3 days for work, a committee meeting and AGM for the Chasers. What with having moved house on Sunday with loads still to.sort and no internet in the flat until mid-December it was pretty stressful.

Odd week. All the hard stuff got done but the easy stuff got neglected. Really happy with the long run along the muddy towpath which felt effortless and the track session. Tempo was mediocre but I'm glad to be back doing a regular hill session!

Few more easy runs next week!

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