Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Training W/C 5th November 2012

Monday: rest - gave the ankle a break and spent the day revising

Tuesday: Exam in morning. Wasn't going to do a session for a week or so but no one else was around to lead the session so headed down planning to set people off and do some easy laps but decided to give it a go.

Session was 4, 8, 12, 2k, 12, 8, 4 off 75 (120 after 2k rep) - (78, 2:37, 3:59, 7:00, 3:59, 2:36, 68) - really pleased as was running solo on a windy track and despite my lungs screaming the week off seems to have been fine.

Wednesday: 20 wu, 8 x 60 sec hill (90 jog down), 20 wd

Thursday: wu, 3 x lap BP off 90 (9:33, 10:13, 7:30 for 3/4), wd

First rep was too fast trying to stay with the guys. Second rep was too slow trying to recover. Third rep was just right but unfortunately 3 huge blisters were forming sure to wearing new Faas 300s and I had to stop and hobble/jog home.

Friday: 35 very easy, blisters okay after some home surgery the night before.

Saturday: wu, Surrey League XC (5th), wd

Good race on the whole. Started steadily in about 40th but had worked my way to the big lead group over the first mile. Walton runner got clear early on but a few of us pulled away on the first big hill chasing after those he'd dropped.

Second lap I was a bit lazy sitting behind a guildford runner. Really I should have tried to push on but given I'd not run for a week beforehand played it safe.

Sunday: 46 easy after moving.

Good week with some tough workouts. Very glad to see I've lost minimal fitness due to the ankle injury.

Nike Victory XC spikes were a revelation. First time ever I've been able to run in spikes with no pain. 10/10

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