Friday, November 23, 2012

Training W/C 19th November

Monday: 30 easy AM; 45 easy PM (75)

Tuesday: 45 easy AM; track PM (mile, mile, 800 - half session at ~5:20 pace)

Wednesday: 45 easy AM; 45 easy PM (90)

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 37 minutes (stomach painful)

Sunday: 11 minutes (felt drained and fuzzy/dizzy)

Weird week. My stomach was playing up the whole time but was very much in the background in the earlier party of the week where a minor twinge in my hip flexor from the hill session last week playing up towards the end of runs was annoying. I also had a very weird and scary niggle where after about 2 minutes of running my right achilles/calf would go very tight and painful (almost too much to run) and then within a couple of minutes totally disappear and not bother me for the rest of the run.

Second half of the week my stomach got worse. Thursday I was planning to run in and got as far as kit on and all packed up before I decided I'd end up curled in a ball on the way to work. A leaving do on Thursday didn't help matters and my stomach was very painful on Friday. Saturday it held up for a but ended in me walking back in pain. Sunday I got 6 minutes into my run and was dizzy and confused (probably wasn't absorbing anything properly) so headed straight back.

Things seem to have perked up today with a decent run and core session and a better stomach. Hopefully it'll be a better week!

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