Sunday, November 04, 2012

Training W/C 29th October 2012

First part of the week was spent recovering from the ankle sprain with some light steady running in the second part of the week.

Monday: Rest - ankle felt worse after the very easy 20 minutes on Sunday.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 51 minutes easy - ran home very slowly. Ankle was generally fine aside from on the one hill on the way back.

Friday: 44 steady - same run home, walked up the hill this time though. Pleased with the pace and lungs don't seem to have suffered too much from a week off.

Saturday: 41 steady - run home, again walking hill although it should be fine I'm just not willing to risk it. No pain at all whilst running but if I twist my foot in any sort of a different direction it can still be painful (e.g. if wriggling my foot into a shoe). Obviously trying to avoid that.

Sunday: 54 steady - ran over to Victoria with Hayley before getting breakfast. Ankle seemed to hold up well with just a very minor twinge at one moment. Still being very cautious about how I placed it.

Glad to be back running normally. As I said in the last blog I've essentially just written a week off as an end of season (what season?) break and am taking this week just to run steady/easy once a day up to 60 minutes to get my body back used to it. I've also got my exam (CTA) on Tuesday and want to limit hard running until after that.

Generally in last two weeks have done a bit more steady running. I tend to get quite into my sessions/tempos etc and neglect my steady running usually. I know it's the "grey area" of training but its also integral to a lot of the older British guys fast times in the 80s and I need to get down to the 6:45-7:15 range far more often in my runs where I usually have a tendency to jog at 8+... Any thoughts people?

Right - enough for now and back to the studying. Hopefully a few more runs next week although I'm moving flats and doing the exam which should combine for a moderately stressful week.

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